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  MOJOCERATOPS RELEASES NEW CD! LIVE IN BOSTON is Mojoceratops' first release. . .  listen here on ITUNES! and CDBABY!

MOJOCERATOPS has unleashed a fusion assault on Boston and the World with their new CD "LIVE IN BOSTON". Formed in 2010, MOJOCRATOPS is wowing audiences.  MOJOCERATOPS new CD "Live in Boston" is a fusion assault of devastating playing and songs featuring Greg Mag on drums, Bobby Melpignano on electric guitar, and James Mobius on bass and chapman stick. Recorded by Calling All Guitars...  


 Go to the Calling All Guitars youtube channel. Mojoceratop's first video is the song Mr. Radio. Also showing is my Shred Guitar Solo, Shred2(the sequel), and Shred Fusion.  More videos to come... Check out. . .   Self Animation (  released a self titled CD. I mixed, co-arranged, and played guitar on the song Cinderella, mixed and co-arranged Dance in the Fire, and co-wrote and played acoustic guitar on The Way. Produced by Nick Delonas ( Self Animation is Kara and Molly Delonas with various musicians blending pop, rock, and folk with delicious vocals.

      James Mobius, bass player in Mojoceratops, has a very interesting website